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Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Video Funny
Jon Stewart + Anthony Weiner + Fake R Kelly = Comedy Brilliance

Okay, so it's no secret how much I loveloveLOVE Jon Stewart and his irreverent band of merry men. I don't just love him, as Woody Allen would say, I LURVE him.

Case in point, the ill-conceived antic by political idiot Anthony Weiner to send a picture of his junk bulging from his jockeys to an intern via Twitter has been getting the right-royal Daily Show spanking.

Pun intended.

The word "weiner" and all it's accompanying hysterical euphemisms have been flying off the little screen so fast and furious, my inner 12 year old has been having a difficult time keeping his pre-pubescent sides from splitting.

The pinnacle, the pies de resistance, if you will, occurred last night with another appearance by the transplendant one and only, Fake R Kelly. I cannot stop watching this. It just doesn't get old. Seriously.

I present to you, The Big Wang Theory. Prepare to be entertained...

Fake R Kelly speaks the truth, Yo.