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Friday, August 5, 2011

File Under "Seriously, WTF?!?"
or dude, I would have loved to be in on this meeting

Okay, so the savvy folks at Summer's Eve, you know the douche bags who make douches, pulled all their creative resources and decided the answer to sagging sales was a talking vagina. Or as some of the ads refer to it as "vertical smile".

No shit.

A talking vag.

Okay a feminine hand symbolizing a talking vag. Same diff. Thank God it wasn't a hairy male hand. Hey, wait a minute. That would have been more accurate than those Brazilians...


Anywho, Conan was the first to give the femme product a spin.

Oh Conan. You rock.

The original ad both repels and amuses me in that shocked, deer-in-the-headlights, can-they-really-do-that-on-television disbelief way. Seriously. There are some meetings that deserve ticket purchases to witness the evolution of such a train wreck of an idea.

Last week The Colbert Report weighed in on the vaginal puppeteering.

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Vaginal Puppeteering vs. D**k Scrub
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"This is America. Our vaginas speak English."

Enduring the embarrassment of personal girlie products publicly broadcast is so much more palatable with these two hysterical guys on the planet.