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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Attempting The Cliched Fresh Start

The photo above is an image John Green, YA author extraordinaire and all around amazing human, posted on Twitter or Facebook or his Tumblr earlier this year. I don't recall if he stumbled upon it himself or if he reblogged the image, but the minute I saw it I couldn't shake it. Such a powerful statement. Simple, profound and healing.

Being forgiven is a gift. A Mulligan many of us don't deserve, but receive anyway. It's an opportunity to be better, to prove you're worthy of a second chance. It's easy.

Forgiving. That's a different story. To be able to forgive a transgression, a hurtful word, a malicious act is a blessing. A true grace. Looking at someone who caused you pain, large or small, and absolving their action is fucking hard. But holding on to the ire is pointless, stifling and  toxic.

Life is far more light and beautiful than that.

So, in the spirit of the image above, I would like to begin 2014 with a clean, emotional slate and attempt to make this charity my mantra. I know it won't be easy to forgive in some instances, but I want to let go of the turmoil, so that's a start, right?

In the words of Disney's Peter Pan ride, Here we goooo...

To those who breached my trust, hurt my heart, dismissed my friendship, misunderstood my intentions, and to those who tried to make me feel small and take my joy away... I forgive you.

And most of all, to the girl whose reflection I face every day in the mirror who isn't the daughter, the sister, the wife, the friend she thinks she should be ...

I forgive you, too.