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Thursday, February 21, 2013

And the Rest (reduex)....
or more boredom than the brain can handle featuring a butt load of photos
(Oh hey, look. There's that jump thing again to read on)

Moving on...

1. Sisters Pelini Weekend at the Beach

Once again we Pelino girls traveled to Long Beach Island to spend several days at my sister's little house by the lagoon. We love this place, and although Big Mar cannot venture to the beach anymore, she enjoys being with her girls. The feeling is mutual. We eat, yak, drink, tan, drink, yak, eat, yak, yak, yak... You know, the usual girl stuff that is impossible to share with spouses because you just can't. You just have to be there. And be a girl and/or sister. It's a gender-specific phenom. Trust me on this.

fresh caught seafood daily

fresh made mojito daily

fresh cut blooms daily
okay, not these. their owners would be pissed