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Saturday, February 4, 2012

In Which I Celebrate Another Circle Around The Sun

Okay, so unless you're under 10, your birthday ends in a zero or you're barely on the living side of 100, birthdays are relatively insignificant. Personally I'm okay with the suspension of notice until the next big milestone roles around in eight years.

And that next one is a big ole beeyatch. Blerg.

That said, last Thursday was the anniversary of my birthing 5+ decades ago. If I'm not mistaken, 52 is the age where it becomes mandatory to use terms like davenport, liquefy all meals to drink from a straw and learn how to play Pinochle. But I digress...

Upon opening my world-weary, bloodshot eyes early that morning, I was humbled to find 40+ birthday greetings on both Facebook and Twitter. And they kept pouring in, tipping the scale at ... I don't really know the total because the number was so high I stopped counting.

I am genuinely overwhelmed by the shower of love and affection bestowed upon my wretched soul. (chokes back tears) I am truly touched...

And not just in the head, even though that is certainly a truth.

Anyway, the first treat of my narcissistic day of me was picking up my favorite ex-pat coworker, Jimmy McParkway from the airport. Young James has heeded the call of greener pastures in the form of Weekend Anchor/Morning Reporter for the Hearst affiliate in Bahston, Mass. He's doing extremely well and getting a well-deserved shot at making a name for himself. His absence still stings, but seriously, how can I be anything but thrilled for him.

Jimmy was my cohort in crimes of the senses, so naturally I had to do something completely juvenile when I picked him.
I'm classy, yo
i'm also 12

We had ample time to catch up while shoveling gobs of breakfast grub down our gullets at a quintessential Burgh joint, Eggs 'n At. When we took off our coats, we laughed out loud to find we both had Pens gear on. Oh, so Pittsburgh.

yinz goin' to the game?

Moving on...

Every year The Special K hosts a winter weekend event at a nearby ski resort known as Snow Blast. Normally the festivities begin on Friday. For years I've been wanting to go up for snow tubing and stay overnight, but the restraints of my current indentured servitude on Saturdays have always thwarted my desire to slide down a slope at break-neck speed, precariously perched upon an unsteerable, overinflated rubber donut with no visible means of stopping at will.

That's all kinds of fun right there, yo.

As the Fates would have it, the festival started on Thursday, the Saturday of my personal unconventional weekend AND my birthing day to boot! Finally, tubing with a couple hilarious girlfriends. Holla!!

As the Fates would also have it, blinding sheets of rain fell all day.

All. Frelling. DAY.

No tubing for you. One year.

The Fates are dicks.

Either that or they are sincerely concerned I'll wipe out so magnificently, my brittle femur will snap in two, in essence declaring me old and feeble. See what I mean? Dicks.

Although disappointed, that development didn't put a damper on the partay. Oh no, my friend. The kibosh may have been on the sledding, but we did what any respectable, red-blooded American girls would do. We cracked open a cold one or three.

Yes, there was drinking.

snow boots and
swimming suits

Yes, there was snacking. Yes, there was jumping on the bed.
blur via wine goggles
Yes, there was the inebriated commandeering of noodles from innocent, unsuspecting youth in the pool. Yes, there was drunk-white-chick-dancing.

And no, there are no photos of that.

Thank the baby Jesus.

Burnett and me, modeling sophisticated head wear

me and beets toughing out the elements

But most importantly, there was hysterical laughter, camaraderie and unfiltered fun. What more can you ask for, right? Seriously. I haven't laughed that hard since...well, January 5th.

doctor prescribed dark chocolate cake and Merlot
it's good for the heart
that's my story
shut up

Plus I got this kick-ass cake and some really great swag. Geo got me a couple of amazing lens for the iPhone along with this adorbs sock monkey beanie.

ain't I just adorable?
Then when I got home, I found a box of the MOST AMAZING individually wrapped brownies called Fairytale brownies from my buddy, Marcy Anne. Raspberry, cream cheese, walnut, pecan, peanut butter, mint...

OHMIGAWD! To. Die. For. I'm salivating like Pavlov's dog just thinking about them.


It was a really great birthday.

I cannot thank my friends enough for the cards, the electronic messages, for the joy. I am thankful for all of these goofballs in my life. I can't imagine spinning around the sun, clinging to this crazy blue planet without each and every one of them. From the bottom of my pointy little heart, I thank you all for a tremendous celebration of the anniversary of my hatching.

Love ya! * MUAH!*

But seriously, next year I'm strapping on the bubble wrap and snow/ice tubing, DAMMIT!