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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pleased to Meet You...

Hi Everybody! 

And by "everybody" I mean my hubby, Geo and maybe a few close friends, because really...who the hell else is going to want to read this. Seriously. When I tossed around the notion of writing a blog, Geo the Pragmatic and my true North posed the very valid question.."Why". Honestly, I don't know the answer to that simple syllable. Maybe it's because my job is as mundane as making donuts, and I feel the need to fling the doors of my brain open and take my creative quadrant out for a walk. Maybe it's because I've had some experiences lately which have been so enjoyable I don't want them to atrophy in the dusty corners my noggin. Or maybe it's know, I wanna.

In any case, there are a few things I feel compelled to point out right up front:
1. I'm consistently inconsistent. Discipline has never been a strong suit with me. Maybe it's because I'm an Aquarius whose creative juices are totally dictated by mood and muse. (hey, sounds like a viable excuse to me) My attention span is notoriously minute and easily distrac...Mmmmm pie! What was I saying?
2. My life is nothing without my magnificent, albeit sick and twisted,  friends and family. In time you'll meet them all to their collective horror. There's me best pals from the grind, Beets and Suzette; the Dingly Dang boys; my Card Club gal pals, H2P (Horrible Horrible Person)-who really is not a friend, but I'm sure I'll have ample opportunity to dish about and anyone else I can drum up.
3. My spelling is atrocious!! Sorry.
4. My grammar's even worse.
5. I like lists. There will be lists. There are already lists on the sidebar. 
6. I have a 12-year-old-boy sense of humor which will become very apparent. 
7. And finally...I have no real plan for thematic content or anything else for that matter. 

I'll stop at seven. Seven is a good number.
Okay then. I guess I'd better get off my buttocks and write something. 

In the words of Peter Pan, "Here we GO!"

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