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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

In The Light Of Day
that's one for the little guy

I awoke this morning to a clear, blue sky filled with the warmth of the sun. A bright new day for a chance at a brighter future. 

I have no intention of using this blog as some sort of political spew factory. I've never subscribed to the whole bullying partisan brow beatings from either party members which have dominated the political landscape over the last eight years with hateful vitriol.  But I do want to say a few things...

First of all, the volume of voter participation in this election is unbelievably encouraging! I am filled with hope that the people of this still great nation (in spite of it's black-eyes and bruises) has finally awaken from its Rip Van Winkle-like sleep to realize together we have the power to take back our country. And they seized the opportunity--BIG TIME! Perhaps this election has jump started a new fervor for involvement and participation in the machine. One person's vote does count, and together we can achieve anything. Yes We Can.

Secondly, we didn't get this F-ed up in one's not going to be fixed in 100. So I implore everyone to please give the Obama Administration (My God! That sounds heavenly!) TIME. Time to unpack, time to assess the true state of affairs-nationally and internationally-and time to think. Intellectual thought is one thing we've been missing over the last eight years. Above all, this administration needs our patience and support. We are majorly messed up!! He's going to have to make some really tough choices which will no doubt disappoint some of us. It happens even with the best of Presidents. But I believe his actions will be for the good of the Country--for you and me, you know the little guy who just wants to have one job which pays enough to feed, house, medicate and educate his family. 

So I think after the celebration on January 20th, 2009, we all need to sit back and give him some slack. Hopefully the world will follow, and let us have a mulligan.

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