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Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Best Non-Reality Reality Show
another fabulous end to the Amazing Race

Oh Man! Tonight was the last episode of the CBS's Amazing Race. For the record, I don't watch reality shows. I think they are stupid and reward the worst of human behavior. I'm talking about you Survivor. However, the Amazing Race is the only legitimate, truly engrossing "reality" show on TV. It's a shame to taint (she said taint) it by calling it a reality show. There are no popularity games or scheming alliances between contestants to bump participants. The objective is purely this, the first team to cross the ultimate finish line wins a million bucks. That's it. 

Along the way the eleven teams travel to different (US friendly) countries, perform some local tasks and traditions via detours or road blocks, and race to each pit stop in an attempt not to be last avoiding elimination. 

Inevitably I get attached to one or two teams. This time around I was routing for the mother/ son team of Toni and Dallas and brother/sister team of Nick and Star. Sadly Toni and Dallas didn't make it to the final three, but Nick and Star were still in the hunt. 

Tonight's episode had me completely, freaking tense!! 

The editors are masters at creating suspense--cutting back and forth between the teams that were neck and neck so you couldn't tell who was ahead; using music to heighten the tension. Crickey! I was totally on the edge of the couch! In the end, it was a taxi race to the finish with Nick and Star the winners. 

I got so involved I actually teared up a bit. I know. I am so lame. But I love when the better team (physically and karmicly) gets rewarded. Although I have to admit, they kinda gave off a creepy "Angelina Jolie-kissing-on-her-icky-brother" vibe in the final hour. 


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