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Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Photo #6 
recession? what recession?

There is this little house tucked away between two commercial buildings in the South Side whose owners feel compelled to completely cover it from top to bottom for each holiday. Christmas is kinda their High Holy Season. I'm not kidding. As you can see every inch of this puppy is draped in lights, Santas and blow-up crap. You can actually see it glowing when you drive by. It's a spectacle. Yes, but it is also my "guilty pleasure" spectacle. Every year I'm amazed by how much more is added. When I walked by last night, I swear I could hear the electric meter whirring like a chopper. 

To the owners, I salute you and your balls to flip the super finger at the crippled economy. Eat this recession. 

The big mystery is...where the hell do they store this sh*t?

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