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Monday, December 1, 2008

If You Watch It, It Will Stay...
only you can save this show

Yes, I admit I am a HUGE TV freak. I watch waaaay too many programs. So much so that we have stacks upon stacks of VHS tape (yes, we still reside in the late 80's) upon which we've amassed an enormous assortment of "must see" shows which have ultimately been cast aside in favor of more current and urgent programming. It's a sad tower of tape which mocks us mere mortals and our misguided attempt to consume more electronic entertainment than there are hours in a day.

That said, Geo and I have been trying (rather successfully of late I might add) to ration our viewing habits to only the most worthy of programming during the regular network season. New one hour offerings come under the highest scrutiny. It has to be bloody fantastic for us to squeeze another hour onto our already brimming viewing plate.

That brings me to Chuck.

Not that Chuck!?!  This Chuck...

I LOVE Chuck!! I don't just love Chuck... as Woody Allen once said in Annie Hall, I lurve Chuck.

We didn't get to watch Chuck last season because, honestly I didn't know where the hell it was on the schedule. But I made a point to catch the first episode this year and I Am HOOKED, Baby!! It's absolutely delightful! So much so, I'm compelled to abuse the use of the "!"!!

The basic premise is this: Computer Whiz Chuck Bartowski, dropped out of his last year at Stanford after his heart was crushed by his girlfriend who betrayed him with his best friend, Bryce. Stuck in a dead-end job at the local Buy More as head of the Nerd Herd, Chuck unwittingly opened an email from his nemisis, Bryce (now a rogue CIA agent) which downloaded the entire intelligence files of both the CIA and FBI into Chuck's brain effectively turning him into a human "intersect" which must be protected at all costs. Enter the beautiful Sarah Walker (CIA) and the reluctant John Casey (FBI) whose task it is to keep Chuck safe until the intersect can be removed from his noggin. The first episode of this season explains it all better than I. You can watch it online at NBC. com.

This show has something for everyone. There are car chases, shoot outs, spy stuff, clever and witty writing, a hot babe (the stunningly gorgeous Yvonne Strahovski) for the guys, a little sexual tension for the gals, Adam Baldwin (also for the guys who are huge Sci-Fi fans), lovable geeky friends at the Buy More and one of the most adorable, reluctant heroes on the little screen who manages to make being nerdy cool.

I mean, really...look at him. Big brown eyes, warm smile, big brain, kinda awkward, has no idea how cute he is. The sort of guy from college everyone secretly loved. Chuck Bartowski is played to perfection by relative newcomer Zachary Levi. How could you not love this guy. He's absolutely adorable!

And so is the show. Okay, so some times the weekly predicament is wrapped up a little too easily, but each show is so charming and well written and just a whole bunch o' FUN to watch that I can totally forgive them almost anything. It makes me warm and fuzzy inside.

I understand Chuck may be on the bubble of cancellation, so please, PLEASE give it a try. I'd hate to see this little pearl fall into the abyss alongside other short-lived, low-rated gems. Plus I'm hoping to catch them at Comic Con next year...perhaps meet them backstage? (Hint Hint to my good old friend, pal, buddy Gary :D)

Come on. Give it a try. All the cool kids are watchin' it. NBC...8pm...tonight (Monday). Be there.

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