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Saturday, December 6, 2008

No News Is Good News
or seven reasons why I love being on vacation...

7. ignoring all local newscasts
6. staying up as late as I want
5. waking up at 5am, mentally flipping the clock the bird and falling back into a satisfying sleep
4. actually eating dinner any time in the evening instead of old-fart "early bird" time
3. sitting down and consuming one of Geo's scrumptious breakfast scramblets...together!
2. having that extra cocktail (or three) after spending a lovely day with Geo
1. shutting off that damn, obnoxiously LOUD alarm clock for one entire, glorious week!! 

(Note: the Hub and I are heading east Tuesday for some sibling bonding time and shopping in NYC. While we're out there we're making a stop in Hoboken to see...RHETT MILLER!!! at Maxwell's. I'm waaaay too excited! Say a little prayer for Geo. He's going to need some extra tolerance (and a huge vat of Salty Dogs) to make it through the evening. :D)

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