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Monday, January 19, 2009

Here We Go Steelers! Here We Go!
or pack your bags, Lucille... we're going to Tampa

Okay, so today is a holiday in honor of Martin Luther King. Most folks, except for us morons who chose a 24/7 profession, are off today. Good thing, too. You see last night the Steelers managed to win a berth in the Holiest of High Holy games...the Super Bowl. They didn't just win the game...they won the game at HOME, which hasn't happened here for a long 13 years.

Even though the evening's performance was less than inspiring, all was forgiven when the long-flowing, raven-haired Adonis, Troy Polamalu intercepted a Raven's pass and scrambled into the end zone with 4:24 left on the clock--bringing the 65,000+ to their feet in a golden Terrible Towel waving frenzy. (Of course I had to call my big sister in NJ to celebrate her boy's victory. I knew she'd be cheering her head off. She was.)

A coworker was at the game and said about three quarters of the fans hung around for the ceremony and Zambelli fireworks. It's Pittsburgh...there are ALWAYS fireworks. We're fireworks happy here. And they are the best! Somehow I don't think these folks minded the long wait to get out of the parking lot. I know people in our neighborhood were hooting and hollering long into the night.

Here's another reason why I love my town...

At the Pens game earlier in the day, fans were encouraged to bring their Terrible Towels to wave in support of the Steelers match. Which they did, along with signs like "You're in Steelers Country". I'm happy to report my beloved Boys of Winter defeated the Rangers 3-0. When our goalie, Marc-Andre Fleury skated out to acknowledge being the #1 star of the game, guess what...he was donning a gold throwback Steelers helmet and waving a towel. You gotta love it.

Yep. We're all family here.

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