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Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Tale Of Two 24 Year Olds
or why Lamarr Woodley is my new favorite...

Oh Man! There is so much to tell about this past week. Where to begin... let's start with Wednesday, shall we?

Okay, so you remember the horrible experience I had with a certain athlete on Monday. Well, what a difference two days make. Wednesday Lamarr Woodley was to be our guest on our dog and pony show. Now I had no idea who this guy was let alone what he would be like. Would he lean towards the dark side ala Senor Dickhead, or the bright side ala Hines Ward. We all were curious who would walk through the door.

Honestly, it didn't start off well.

At Lamarr. In fact, he didn't show up until 20 minutes into the show. Oh boy... But here's the goofy thing--his Entourage was at the station at 8:30am. What's up with that? Isn't the whole idea behind an "entourage" is they are stuck to the side of the talent like an unsightly skin tag? So why the Hell would they saunter over to the studio WITHOUT the man of the hour? I don't get it.


I'm happy to report he could not have been any nicer, sweeter or cooler! He playfully rolled along with whatever we threw at him. From taste-testing hot 'n spicy hoagies at 9:30am, to playing with the puppies in the adopt-a-pet segment--naming them Lamarr and Miss Woodley, to taking the heat from Brenda, our host for being late... He genuinely had a good time.

The real fun started after the show. During his on-air interview, he shared the story of fellow player Casey Hampton giving him crap on the sidelines for not having any "sacs" all year. Of course our host thought he said he had no "SEX" all year--mind you Brenda knows nothing about football. She looked at me (I knew exactly what she was thinking) and bust out laughing, puzzling our guest. Afterwards when she told him what she heard him say, he was comically and sincerely aghast--jaw dropping to the table. It was hilarious. He proceeded to give her shit and tease her about her dirty mind. Very fun. Then without pretense he hung around to sign whatever folks brought and graciously posed for photo after photo.

But, hands down, the thing that endeared him to our collective hearts was this...

Being mannerly, he politely tucked his mouth into his jacket to quiet his hoagie-fueled, trailing belch. But what he didn't realize was he actually belched right into his microphone. 

Ha Ha Ha!! I'm not kidding! It was the BEST! Seriously. 

So now we have a recording of his brilliant burp followed by our uncontrollable laughter in the audio archives. Wednesday was the first time in a loooooong time I could proclaim, "I LOVE my job" and sincerely mean it. 

And THAT is why Lamarr Woodley is my new favorite player! Thank you, dude! Drop by any time.

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