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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In Which I Admit I Hate Change And Am Sad... 
or why is it we always lose the good ones? 

Okay, so long ago and far away before I became a lifetime indentured servant at the Special K, I had many, many jobs. They were jobs of varying duties, but they all had one thing in common... I was the one who said goodbye and left for greener pastures. 

I always had the ability to make strong friendships with coworkers, but inevitably my employment would come to its natural end for one reason or another, there would be a lovely "going-away" party and I'd walk out the door with a parting gift bag of various stolen office supplies, ready to embrace my next adventure. 

I've been at my current position for *gasp* 25 years. Over that time frame, I have watched many come and go through our revolving door and I must admit it sucks to be left behind. I much prefer being the one who leaves. It doesn't leave a scar on your heart.

To be honest, most of the people who have walked out the door had overstayed their welcome. It was simply their time to go, and their departure caused no great personal pain or emptiness. Then there are those whose absence will be forever felt. There haven't been many... three to be exact.

Today makes four...

This morning we bid farewell to one of my favorite coworkers of all time, Keith. He's charming, goofy, quick witted, sassy and has a delightfully twisted sense of humor that mirrors my own.  He is the King of "That's What She Said" and keeps us in stitches during commercial breaks. In short, he is an absolute blast to work with. Professionally he has the ability to put whomever he's interviewing at ease, allowing each person to open up and be himself. A true talent especially for hosting an entertainment show like Pittsburgh Today Live. And he ain't bad to look at either.

...even when he's carrying a girlie, gold purse. Sadly, as is the case in TV, his contract was not renewed and so will now call Tampa his home. 

And that sucks...

Personally, I got to know him better over the past several months by instant messaging on Facebook--while we were both at work. (Hey, you gotta do something productive in that eight hours, right?) He and I would dish, snark, spar, joke and generally conduct off-color exchanges over the interweb--a mere floor apart--in an attempt to crack each other up and make the work day a little lighter. Thankfully he'll still be on Facebook so the merriment can continue, but it won't be the same. I won't be able to stand along side the camera and watch the glint of mischief sparkle in his eyes as he reads unintentionally dirty phrases like "spilled its load" and "a great ball handler" or bust him up with a rude off-camera gesture. 

*sigh*  I will miss him immensely.

I'm happy to report we sent him on his way in our usual sophisticated fashion. 

We could not have chosen a more appropriate confectionery send off. And in case you're wondering... Yes. It IS a sugary-sweet 3-D willy.

As you can see he LOVED it... almost as much as we love him. 

Keith, it has been an enormous pleasure and privilege to work and play with you, my friend. Your irreverence and humor have been a solar flare of brightness in the otherwise dismally dark abyss of tedium. You will be missed every minute of every day. Be well.

So long Schlong.

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