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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

In Which I Attempt To Do Some House Cleaning Of Unposted Drafts 

Okay, so I was looking through my list of posts and noticed some unpublished bits. Some of them are crap and will just be left to die on the vine, so to speak. But some of them I'm going to give a second chance, because quite honestly I haven't had many inspired thoughts about which to blog lately. That, and... I'm kinda lazy. However, this topic still grinds my gears... so here goes

New and Improved?

Okay, so what is up with the "Followers" block on our blogs? I suspect it's Senor Blogface's attempt to improve and update the function of stalking your followers more efficiently blah blah blah. Whatever.

It's annoying right?

Unlike the old "Follower" format where one simple click gave access to your new reader's stats (age, place of origin, stripper name...), this new piece of crap makes you jump through hoops to get to the profile which can be accessed ONLY if your new BFF has a blog. How is this an improvement? Nobody asked me if I wanted it to change.

Speaking of annoying, can we please stop this daylight savings thing already! Back in the dark ages DST was a way for the farmers to squeak out one more hour of daylight by which to sow and reap their crops. I get that. But nowadays we have this little thing known as ELECTRICITY which helps folks to see in the dark. According to this site the extra hour of light in the evenings because of daylight savings time effectively curbs violent crimes. So why not keep DST all year round and stop dicking with my head.

**Yeah, this last paragraph is a little dated because I'm over the whole daylight-savings-time-jet-lag at the moment, but the idea of it still ticks me off. I'll be grousing again in the Fall. 

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