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Friday, April 17, 2009

Is There Something You Want To Tell Me Sub Conscious?

Okay, so this morning as I was stirring in that not-asleep-but-not-quite-awake state, when my sub conscious blurted out "I have no more dreams." 


What the Hell does that even mean? 

Is my mind telling me there is nothing left in my vault to create imaginary tales whilst I slumber... or is it something more concrete and depressing like "Your life is over. You suck. You have used up all your allotment of life's dreams and now must suffer the rest of your life toiling in the mire of an existence you have eked out thus far, no mater how deadly dull and unsatisfying it may be. You lose, sucker! HA HA HA"

It's almost like she's PMS-ing.

I have to admit it disturbs me a little. I like my little nightly twisted fairy tales. Plus surely this can't be it for my life. There's got to be something towards which to aspire. 

Why are you so angry with me Sub Conscious? You know I love you. You're the source of all my inspiration. Oh well. She'll come around once the cocktails start flowing. 

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