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Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Lost Musical Gem Someone Found On The Internet 
and because you know how much I love the Old 97's  

Okay, so I LOVE  the Old 97's and Rhett Miller. No surprise there. Anyone who has read a modicum of my crappy blog knows that. So somebody on the Old 97's forum site (yes...there are a LOT of others who obsess as I) tracked down this little-known, previously unrecorded song Rhett penned in an obviously dark point in his day. 

It's totally sick and twisted (and hilarious), but still shows his talent as a wordsmith and performer. The Dude give 100% no matter what. Maybe they'll consider "resurrecting" this tune for their new tour. *groan* yeah, that was bad. Enjoy. 

Jack - Old 97s

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