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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"It's The Fragrance of the Favorite Summer of Your Life..." 
or a Trifecta of happy events 

Okay, so yesterday evolved into a Trifecta of positive events in the form of appreciation, recreation and jubilation.

First, Geo received a resounding vote of confidence from his employer. In fact it was the most glowing review he has ever had. EVER. My better half has always had an outstanding work ethic. In fact he is the poster child of integrity and hard work. He is a team player with a capital T. Always the first to volunteer his assistance to anyone who is covered in the quagmire of a ridiculous rush job. And you know rush jobs are never satisfying...that's what she said.

He has been a huge asset to every employer for whom he's worked, and is FINALLY, after all these decades, getting the recognition and appreciation he has so richly deserved. I could not be happier for or prouder of him. Plus the accolades came wrapped in a purty green ribbon raise. Cha-CHING!!  

Second, we went to see the incomparable Francis Dunnery play a house concert, coincidentally in 
the home of our very first Francis house concert three years ago. Geo and I even recognized several folks from the last time. Pittsburgh was Mr. Dunnery's last stop of this particular tour and it was positively enchanting, as usual. The vibe in the room was a warm, welcoming hug rewarded by an extended song list and an extra hour of his time rubbing elbows with the devoted crowd. These intimate house concerts are such a special experience. They never fail to leave us uplifted. The title to this posting is my favorite line from one of Francis' songs "Give Up and Let it Go" which we were treated to towards the end of the evening. Geo and I absolutely LOVE this guy! I highly recommend attending one of his house concerts in the future. I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Here's a link to his website to keep tabs on his show dates. You may recall Francis was part two of our anniversary road trip this past February as chronicled in this prior posting here. Part one of that trip was, of course, my beloved blue-eyed one, Rhett. 

So the obsession concert score so far this year: Francis 2, Rhett 1 

Francis is going to have to step it up later this year since I'll be going to three Old 97's/Rhett concerts over eight days in July, BABY!!

The "Tri" part of the day's Trifecta was...THE PENS SWEPT THE SERIES AND ARE GOING TO THE STANLEY CUP!!!! That's right. Starting Saturday the Boys of Winter get a rematch of last year's heartbreaking defeat against the Detroit Red Wings. My money's on the Pens. They're older, wiser and hungry as Hell for their chance to drink from Lord Stanley's cup. 

After hearing past stories of victory celebrations...they might want to pour a little bleach in that bowl first. 

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