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Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Photo #25

Okay, so there's obviously a story behind how I came to be in possession of this card. Brevity is not in stars for this post. Sorry.

Several months ago Geo was on the computer trying to buy something off of the Barnes and Noble site when he noticed the credit card was almost expired. When I called the credit card company to see when the new card would be sent, I found out the payment was due .. the NEXT day. Geo jumped on line and sent the payment off on its way. However, this launched a frantic search through a couple of stacks of papers for the missing bill. 

Me: May I help you look for the bill, Honey? (you see how sweet and nice I was? I swearz to God I was nothing but sweetness and light. Honest. Seriously. Not snarky at all.)
Geo: No. (rifles through first pile-visibly annoyed)

...a minute passes

Me: Are you sure I can't help you? (batting my eyelids coyishly)
Geo: NO. (a little more tense)

... another minute passes, still no bill

Me: Are you sure I can't help you look--
Geo: No! What would help is if you'd stop looking AT ME. Grrrr! Snarl! Gnashing of teeth! Bark Bark!
Me: Ooooookay then. (exits room, heads for upstairs bedroom--quietly. I swear there was no slamming of doors or anything-which is quite a feat for me, lover of slamming of things)

After a little while I came back downstairs, Geo apologized for wazzing on me and it was all over. That's how we fight. Snark, blow up, give a wide berth, apologize, over. Next! There's less bloodshed this way. 

Anywho, the next day I was in the kitchen when Geo came home. I walked into the dining room and there was a little white bag with a card attached. Naturally, I looked my dear, dear husband in the eye and asked, 

What did you do? 
G: Nothing.
Me: No really. What did you do?
G: Nothing. I just felt bad about yesterday. 
M: But you apologized already. It's over. We're good.
G: I know...Just open the stupid card!!

I opened the envelope...and I laughed my ASS off! 

What a great card, and oh, so appropriate. Thinking this quote was from a heartfelt love poem, we jumped on line in search of the source. Sadly, it's an essay about friends and not some admonition of Emerson's undying devotion to an unattainable love. No matter. This note has a permanent perch on our mantle. It never fails to make me smile each time I walk past it.

Geo is the best. He is once again suffering my obsession with all things Old 97's/Rhett Miller. Today we embark on part one of Rhett Fest '09. We're heading to Ford, NJ for an in-store performance by my fantasy second husband, then off to Hoboken to catch the band at Maxwell's where we will hoist a cocktail or two with my fellow Rhett lover friend, Cindy from Austin. I'm looking forward to singing along with an equally enthusiastic fan. Poor Geo. Say a little prayer for him.

Do you see why I love him? I'm sure the sentiment of this card will run through his mind more than once this weekend. 

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