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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Avoid This Job 
or helpful guidance from an hilarious blog 

Okay, so you know how I always say Twitter is the biggest time suck and if you aren't on it, for the love all that is Holy... DON'T START!! Well, okay so there are actually some very funny things to be found on there. 

One of them is a blog by a woman named Sarah who goes by thesaltman on Twitter. I suspect she is a writer of some sort being as she is so witty. 

Anywho, her blog is titled avoidthisjob and her mission is to sarcastically skewer Craig's List job postings for their outrageousness. For example, her June 27th job to avoid is a "Sexy Rickshaw Driver Wanted" for a bachelorette gig on July 4th. Applicant must be Sexy overall, have a handsome face, hot body, work shirtless on the holiday in the heat of the midday sun. 

She's much more funny than I can convey. Here's the link. Read her witticisms for yourself.

I may actually start surfing Craig's List want ads. Who knew they were comedy gold.

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