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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Some Things I Love About Summer

The sun stays out to play for the majority of the day

I have three weeks of vacation in which to enjoy the glorious weather whilst lounging on the deck and socializing

Cooking and eating outside

No socks!!!

Tan lines

Cruising with the top down, tunes cranked to 11, wind in my hair (now if I would only but a convertible-tee hee)

Reruns on TV = freedom to actually watch movies or better yet, hang out with friends

Free concerts (see Rhett Fest)

Summer clothes

Farmers' Market (Helloooooo King Boys! See what I mean here)

Home grown tomatoes

Gobs of backyard mint for fresh-made Mojitos

Girls' weekend at Lake Erie (what happens in Erie, stays in Erie)

Backyard Barbecues

kayaking on the river

Lighter than normal traffic

Listening to the neighbor's kids enjoying themselves playing

Crazy Carnie Ice Cream Truck Man

Using the nice weather and gardening as yet another excuse not to do housework 

Things I Don't Like About Summer...
Absolutely NOTHING 

Okay, so it's not at all funny or illuminating. I did see a great new off-color name in the credits for "Gone Baby Gone"... 

Izzy Straddlin

For real. And there was a guest on our show named Rachelle Rak. So if Rachelle Rak married Izzy Straddlin, she'd be Rachelle Rak Straddlin. 

Alright not the best effort, but worth a chuckle. You can't expect much, cause, you's summer and I'm obviously out on the deck, cranking tunes, chugging home made Mojitos. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey, Chief--Re. Big Mar running interference on your photo shoot, are you entirely sure she wasn't actually flashing the Von King Family singers at the moment you schnapped the shutter and swiped their immortal souls? Because Kurt, there on the left (or is that Friedrich--I always get those two Austrians mixed up) appears about as unaware of your camera as a 10-point buck caught in a spotlight. You sure the red-eye strobe wasn't flickerin'? (If you know what I mean.) Always enjoy your posts. Ciao!