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Monday, July 20, 2009

or Holy Crap! Is that a Giant Squid?

Seriously. That's a giant squid. A cephalopod the size of a pre-teen. Multitudes of them. Off the coast of San Diego. Attacking divers. Check out these teeth! They have teeth. Did you know they had teeth? I didn't know they had teeth. 

Ouch!! Them choppers are U-G-L-Y. 

Oh, I'm sorry Mr. Squid. Did I say ugly...I meant utterly sharp and pointy and...a lovely shade of yellow. ha ha ha. Please don't eat me or bitch slap me with those bad-ass tentacles. *whimper*

No, this is not a newly penned, hideous, low-ball "When Calamari Attack" reality-type show on Fox either. Apparently massive numbers of the Humboldt sea monster traveled north from Mexico to dick with divers off the sandy shores of San Diego. 

Some marine biologists believe they headed north due to a recent earthquake screwing with their sonar. Others think the surly cephalopods were just chasing a food trail. Or maybe they heard so many good things about this week's Comic-Con, they decided to see for themselves.

But, Dude, fair warning. If the Chuck panel is full, for the love of all that is holy, let them have your seat. You don't want to get between them and their favorite characters. Things get nasty when they get cranky.

Here's a video of some crazy chick who got manhandled by one of the beasts...and is heading out for more. Clearly, she's a slow learner.

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