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Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Videos #1

Okay, so my work bud, Jimmy McParkway shared these two classic, best-of-the-worst of local television spots with me today. They are hilarious. In light of the difficult events of the week, I do believe we all need a good, long hardy-har-har.

The first is a breakfast song which aired on the WTVA Tupelo Missississississississississippi mornin' show "The Kay Bain Show" way back in May of 2004. It is sung by Minister Cleo Clariet and his fiance Katherine Lane, who incidentally looks more than a bit stoned. It goes on for-E-V-E-R!!

Coincidentally, the right Reverend passed away from congenital heart disease six months later. I know! Ironic, right? No mo' bacon, indeed.

This next one is by far my favorite. A snazzy furniture huckster from I'm guessing, Montgomery doing his thang, getting his groove on, pushing the fine pleather sofas.

LOL!!!! "To the left. To the right. Let's make this..a dance. Flea Market. Montgomery. It's just like...It's just like.. a Mini...Mall." Oh YEAH!! We talking 'bout Flea Market!

OhmiGod! I love this. Me and Jimmy were doing the Flea Market Mambo all morning. This ditty is waaay too catchy. If this doesn't put a smile on your miserable mug, then you are a Cyborg.

It's in your brain now. You know you'll be singing this all day.

You're welcome.

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