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Monday, August 17, 2009

My New Favorite Bloggess
or clown sex is terrifying, but funny in the proper hands (that's what she said)

Okay, so one of the fun things about Twitter is the sharing of links. Thanks to Kevin Pollak--yes, comedian/actor/William Shatner impersonator extraordinaire Kevin Pollak-- I am now hooked on one of the funniest bloggers next to Hey Lola!

May I introduce to you, Jenny She's middle aged, married, with a child, a Pug named Barnaby Jones Pickles and she is hysterical!! Prepare to be amused.

My maiden voyage down Bloggess Boulevard involves her righteous indignation at being blocked on Twitter by William Shatner. I kid you not. Captain Kirk put the breaks on our gal, spurring an actual interweb feud.

Oh, it's on.

Apparently she over tweeted him after an evening consuming a tad too much vino. She innocently stated something about inviting him to come to dinner in an attempt to save her marriage which then deteriorated to her talking about supplying him with a hooker.

See, further evidence real friends shouldn't let friends Tweet drunk. Otherwise said friend might suffer the Wrath of a Khanless Kirk. The Prince of Priceline apparently did not take kindly to the persistence of the Bloggess, no matter how well meaninged her intentions. Defense from the Twitterverse was fast and furious. Anywho, you can read the hilarious exchange here.

Her follow up posting questions Ole Bill's need to mock her by posting this tweet:

The gloves are definitely off now. Ha Ha Ha!! You can read her response here. P.S.: I still love Bill, feud or no.

Jenny is a busy gal. Not only does she blog about all-things-William Shatner, she writes for the Houston Chronicle on Good Mom/Bad Mom, shares her unique perspective on an advice blog (not to be heeded) and pens a "satirical sex column" whose tag line is Sex is funny. Except clown sex. That's fucking terrifying.

Her first post... "Clown porn is not as funny as you think it's going to be".

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I hate clowns, but after reading this (and catching my breath from riotus laughter) I was hooked. Seriously. If I had a mouthful of liquid, it would totally have sprayed out of my mouth...she's that funny. Do yourself a favor and read this... then just keep reading.

Other notable essays:
"An open letter to husbands and boyfriends about the guys we (surprisingly) DO and DON'T want to have sex with"
"Warning: Some penises are actually a combination of penises and testicles. I call them 'Penisticles'"
"The Bloggess: Porn for the Blind"

So, thank you Kevin Pollak for the heads up. You're.... my.. hero.

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