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Friday, September 25, 2009

On a Happier Note...

It's Big Mar's 88th birthday today!

88 years old. Holy Crap! I can't imagine being 88. Hell, I can't imaging being 80 or 70 even.

She wears it well. Sure she's slowed down and can't get around as well without a cane or an arm to hold onto, but her mind is sharp as a tack. She still does crosswords, reads voraciously and plays cards with her BFFs. And she still is the best cook in the family. It's nothing for her to whip up dinner for 10 or 14 or 22. She never sweats it. Even holidays with the entire brood and an assortment of strays, she never freaks. She loves the chaos.


Growing up all of our friends used to come hang at our house. They loved her as much as we did. She was like everyones Mom only better because she always had fresh bread baking or some other wonderful culinary treat cooking on the stove. Don't get me wrong. She wasn't shy about disciplining us or our friends if we needed it. But she always did it fairly. Then it'd over and she'd feed us cake.

Our house was the family party house. Any relatives from out of town would always stay with crowded and inelegant as it was. She and my Dad made if fun for them. She's still one of the most cheerful, fun-loving old ladies I know. I like to think we all got our positive disposition and sense of humor from her.

She's smart enough that had she been born in these times, she could have been anything she wanted to be. A lawyer. A doctor. An executive. But she was born in an era when not many had the opportunity to go to college. She became a wife and mother instead. And I'm thankful for that. I wouldn't want anyone else to be my Mom. She is the best. Elegant and smart, quick to laugh and loves unconditionally. And boy does she love kids. Here's a photo of her whooping it up with my nephew Mike who is a complete carbon copy of my brother, Bud. (Her little baby boy. Her favorite, by the way. Oh yeah. Don't deny it Big Mar.)

She wants to live to be 95. I hope it's longer...much longer.

So here's to you, Big Mar. Happy 88th. May you always find humor in the mundane, laughter in the little things and be surrounded by those who love and cherish you.


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