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Sunday, September 13, 2009

What The??!?
or was there some kind of time shift whilst I slept?

Okay, so last week when I left for vacation, this little ole blog 'o mine had around 2,500 hits. Not a bad showing for someone of no notoriety. Most of the clicks came from a few family members (thanks Geo and Weez) and a small but loyal collection of friends. (By the way, your "thank-you-for-not-making-me-look-like-a-loser" checks will be in the mail. Promise.)

So imagine my surprise when I got home seven days later, logged on to read the head count (What? I like to see if anyone checks in on me. I know it's queer. I'm kinda vain that way...Shut up!) and was greeted with the astronomical number of 11,900 clicks!!?!

Holy Crap!

What the hell happened while I was away? Did I fall into some sort of Rip Van Winkle time warp thingie and it's really, like 3 years later? (Let's see ... 11,900 divided by 3 = 3,633 hits/year...not a bad showing for a schlub) Or perhaps it's just some sort of George W, cocaine-fueled, fuzzy math. Like the counter went on a gin-soaked, lost weekend while I was away and decided to be magnanimous by multiplying each hit by a thousand just to stroke my ego... or dick with me.

Whatever. I'll take it.

My thanks to those readers (either phantom or real) for the outstanding week. You guys rock!

Wait a minute... Now I guess this means I have to get cracking and write something actually entertaining.


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