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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Road Trip!!
or how I spent a beautiful Dallas evening amongst good friends and one White-Hawt performer for a good cause

Okay, so last year I read about this annual charity event for Cystic Fibrosis which features a concert by my one and only fantasy husband, Rhett Miller. (At this point, do I even have to mention his name? Are you new?)

Anywho, we decided to travel to Dallas this year to experience the glory of a Rhett concert in his home town. Okay... I decided we should make the trek. Geo being the most incredible husbands on earth went along with the idea. Plus we got the added bonus of visiting our friend, Myra, whom we haven't seen in about four years.

Through the magic of Twitter, Geo was able to submit designs for the concert's annual t-shirt. They didn't choose his design for the tee, but used it for a limited edition, signed poster sold at the event. Honestly, the t-shirt design they chose kinda sucked. Geo's was so much better, but the poster came out really well, don't ya think?

Sorry the image is a little blurry, but I'm a computer boob and couldn't figure out how to copy the original over to here so I had to take a picture of the computer screen with my camera phone and ... well, at least it's an image, right? Plus I couldn't find the final version with Salim's name on it, but you can get the idea how awesome this turned out. Maybe we'll make a t-shirt out of this ourselves. And by "we", I mean Geo of course. Right, Honey? Love you!! :D

Moving on...

We met up with my Austin friend, Cindy who drove up for the concert and to interview Salim Nourallah for her blog. She's the Texas State prof who also writes for Texas Music Magazine and manages to get interviews with notable musicians for her blog Here's a link to her take on the evening here.

The event was a little ... peculiar. I suppose I was expecting the VIP concert beforehand to be this fantastic intimate 45-minute performance by Rhett. It wasn't. There were so many names on the bill that he barely got to play for an hour. So that was a bit disappointing. Although I was glad to finally hear Salim perform and The O's were really great. They had raffles in between acts which ate up time, but helped them raise a lot of money for CF which was the point of the evening.

The one thing that really struck me was how RUDE the crowd was. Being we were in Dallas and all the bands were hometown acts I expected the crowd to be more respectful and into the music.


It was the most chatty crowd I've been in for a long time! I mean they would not SHUT UP!!?! Even when Rhett was on stage. People. Do you not realize you are standing a mere eight feet away from them and they can HEAR YOU? On one of my videos you can actually hear a girl say "Stop talking and SING!" And that was during the blue-eyed lovely one's set! As Geo says, "Don't you hate when the music is so loud it gets in the way of your conversation?" Some people's kids.

I was pretty stoked he finally played one of my all-time faves Bel Air. *Squeal*

Sorry about the shakiness... and the singing. I can't help it. Here are some more videos from the evening.

Stoned and a teeny bit of Like Love (if you listen carefully you can hear the girl say "Stop talking and sing". Rhett even chuckles al little about it)



At one point the EmCee, local radio personality Gordon Keith sang a man duet, or as the folks at CF Concert Series called it a "dudet" of the theme to WKRP in Cinncinnati.

All in all it wasn't a bad evening. Would I travel 2000 miles to participate again next year...probably not. But I'm glad we went.

Because it is ALL about the hair... and the eyes... and the arms... and the brain... and the music... and the....

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