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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Help! I've Fallen (Into A Vortex Of Time Suck) And I Can't Get Up!
or when did the days shorten to 12 hours?!?

Okay, so WTF!?!

So much happened on our vacation which I'd like to share with all two of you, but I seem to have stumbled into some sort of Holiday Season Sinkhole (I said "hole") without a safety rope and have absolutely no substantial length of time in which to copiously write the mind blowing (aka, boring) details.

I'm still struggling to find time to export all the frelling.. er, I mean outstanding videos from our five concerts shot during one of the greatest vacations EVAH.

Y'all get that I'm a fan of hyperbole, right? So, yeah it's probably best to take what I say with a grain of salt. Don't rely on my disjointed ramblings to help you get off the extra Christmas meds. Speaking of meds, I could use one or ten about now. I'm slipping into my own Festivus frenzy, and may harm a garden gnome if I don't at least get a tall boy going here soon.

But seriously, entertaining things happened on vacation, but at this rate I'm afraid my peepee, bullet-hole riddled, peri-menopausal mind won't be able to remember the events. Details are already starting to fade. Plus, it's our turn to host the family Christmas Eve party, but the house is a nightmare of crap piles which are waxing instead of waning, there are parties and socials up the yin yang and then there's the whole "work" thing... I know daylight is getting shorter, but when did the actual 24 hour day get trimmed back by half?


Okay, I feel a little better now. They're family and friends so they'll understand the mess, right? As long as we have the liquor cabinet stocked--Crap!! Now I have to fight the crowds at the State Store to load up on hooch. Son of a Bey-atch!

Anyway, this was supposed to be a small post explaining my absence, but I obviously got lost and turned the corner onto Bitch Fest Lane. Sorry. Clearly I need Felicity's help even in my mental travels.

Bottom line is ... once the madness is over, I got some tales to tell, y'all.

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demoncat said...

no need to apoligize for the holidays seem to be a time sucker. besides the story will be worth the wait gives readers something to look forward too and hope you and your family have a merry Christmas and a happy new year