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Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Photo #35
or viva la tradicion de muchachas!

Okay, so about two years ago my world traveling buddies came back to Pittsburgh to roost, and I could not be more happy. In fact they set up their collective homesteads within a mile of our house. Now I'm lucky enough to have indispensable friends within walking distance.

Yay me!!

A while back Heidi, my LA-to-Pittsburgh-to-New Zealand-to-Pittsburgh bud instituted Friday Coffee Klatch at her abode. Cathy my LA-to-Belgium-to-England-to-Pittsburgh (I know I'm probably missing a location or two) gal pal and I convene to consume coffee and snacks and dish about anything and everything... kids, college, dinner, husbands, work, TV, husbands, chores, books, husbands... you get the idea.

This week was all about the high school yearbook. It's just weird how each of our books have interchangeable kids and teachers. No kidding. Kids in Heidi's book look just like kids in mine, who in turn look just like kids from Cathy's son's book from last year. It's as though there is some sort of mysterious template filled with generic teens and teachers used for every anthem no matter what year it is.

Anywho, I love these klatches. My Mom used to have such a thing going on in the 60s with her neighbor friend. Like many things she did, I didn't get its importance back then. And like many things she did back then, I get it now. It's just another female bonding element that becomes more and more essential and appreciated as one advances through life's rich pageant.

Otherwise, you know, we might crack and stab somebody.

Sadly none of us has a daughter in which to pass on this tradition. But perhaps when their boys are older and their wives start holding their own exclusive afternoon clubs, they'll understand and have a lovely sense of deja vu.

So here's to Friday Coffee Klatch. Viva la tradicion de muchachas!

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