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Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Photo #37
or this is why he used to be dinner...

Okay, so Tuesday was Ground Hog's Day, my favorite weirdo American tradition of all time. 20,000 sober and not-so-sober crazies gather in the middle of freaking nowhere, namely Punxsutawney and wait for hours in the bitter cold for a group of tuxedoed, top-hatted doofuses known as the "Inner Circle" to yank a nestling hog from his comfy hole in order to predict whether there will be six more weeks of winter or not. (and yes, that does sound dirty)

Many years ago I was one of those sober crazies standing around the Knob, freezing my make believe man-marbles off waiting for the Hog Extraction. I have to was fun. Like Antarctica cold, but fun.

Anywho, I was going to post this photo on Tuesday, but the little bastard saw his shadow. (SURPRISE! not!) and I was a little bummed. As you may know, the last few years I've grown to absolutely despise winter.

Then Wednesday came and went, plus I was more than a little fecal-faced from the monthly wine tasting...then it was Thursday and I was moving a little slowly--okay a lot slowly--what with the one Greyhound+four glasses of primo French wine+morsel of fine foods+resulting double vision from the prior evening's consumption ...

So now it's Friday and what the Hell... it's my photo of the week, because I'm lazy. Don't judge. It's not attractive.

I will leave you with this. Long ago when this whole zany annual prognosticating tradition started, the men of the coveted Inner Circle would let Phil (that's his name) do his little shadow puppet prediction... and then serve him up for dinner.

Yeah. They would eat him. I think they were on to something there. Seriously. Perhaps some old practices should be revisited. Just saying.

These awfully grainy pictures were shot from the monitor at work using my phone. It kinda adds to the grossness of the outcome. Plus what is up with that Dude? He's getting way to personal with the hog. (that's what she said!)

This last one is for my sister, Weezy who is a lover of all things Troy Polamalu. It's from an upcoming Super Bowl commercial. I don't think any of us would mind hearing bad news from his mug. Enjoy, Sis!

1 comment:

demoncat said...

Phil looked so thrilled in the picture like he wanted the guy to put him down and let him go back into his hole and can hear peta screaming over the fact that some one touched the groundhog. in the other picture the inner circle look like they can not wait to have roast groundhog you can see it in their eyes. and that smile.