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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dude, What's That Shitz On Your Head?
or Son, you gotta hamster on yo' bean

Okay, so it's Oscar Night and we were catching up on old programs inhabiting our DVR to make room to record, you know, nineteen hours of the bullshit filled king-of-all-network-time-killers, The Academy Awards, when we stumbled across the episode where Edward Cullen, that uber teen-age (and 30-somethings) heartthrob himself, Robert Pattinson pays a visit to Jon Stewart's The Daily Show.

Once the throngs of screeching females settled down, he started talking about a variety of things including the fact his face is virtually EVERYWHERE, and how he has a fear of overexposure. To which Geo responded:

"more like a fear of combs."

HAHAHAHAHA!! His wit slays me.

Oh-oh. Gotta run. The Oscars are starting, and you know I love me some Alec Baldwin.

1 comment:

demoncat said...

lol i always though that Robert one thing he feared the most was some one would try and slip him a comb . though think he said that he keeps his hair that way as part of trying to keep a low profile.