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Friday, May 21, 2010

Felice Compleanos a Santiago!
or Little Jimmy McParkway turns 30!?!

Okay, so today one of my favorite people and KD co-hort in craziness turns the big 3-Ooooooh!

30. I remember 30. When I turned 30 my boss started asking my opinion about work-related issues and I remember thinking, "What the eff are you asking me for? I'm just a kid, for Pete's sake." I still feel that way, but now I'm far from being a kid, so I kinda have to actually KNOW stuff. Crap...

Anywho, you know how Golden Retrievers are irresistibly exuberant, lovable and can't judge the size of their paws? That's Jimmy. He's our adorable Golden Retriever, especially the paw part. His feet are ginormous, and he's always tripping or knocking into something during the show.

Here's a video reenactment of one such incident.

HaHaHaHaHa!! OMG! That thing makes me "Liz" every time.

Jimmy MacP is a ton o' fun to work with. He's completely irreverent, extremely witty and a huge proponent of the whole "That's What She Said" thang. You would not believe the mileage we got out of his report on an accident at the corner of Dick and Pflurg Street. I mean, come on! That one was a gift from the Traffic Gods. Who could resist that? Seriously. Even he cracked up on the air.

Plus he doesn't mind dancing with us dinosaur dames.

OMG! I just realized the ticker in that photo reads "seven companies receiving aid from us.." No wonder the economy is tanking. But I digress...

There are so many hilarious things that happen during our grueling three hour morning show, most of the it stems from his corner of the studio. And then there's the between-show antics...

Jimmy penned that one "Absolute Ball Room". HaHa! Yeah. I miss him when he's on vacation. It's just too damn quiet, you know?

So here's to you, my zany playmate, my cohort in crime, my Hoola Hoop hombre. May you stay forever young. Luckily, I don't think that will be a problem for you.

XOXOXOXO and a big, fat smoochero!!

Now blow out the damn candles, and cut the freaking cake already.

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