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Saturday, June 19, 2010

And At the End Of The Day, She Was Happy
or how I spent a near perfect day

Okay, so I need to check my hororscope from yesterday, because from start to finish it was a rare perfect day.

Seriously. All the planets and stars must have been in harmonious alignment.

So here's how my day transpired:

Without realizing I managed to pack the day with one social outing after another. As I posted on both Facebook and Twitter, being a social butterfly is why nothing gets done at my house.

Then again, when I die I doubt I'll wish I had cleaned more.

1. The morning started out with a breakfast meet up at Pamela's (yes, that Pamela's of President Obama fame) with a former Special K compadre, Lori and her infinitely adorable, chubby-cheeked 6 month old cherub, Carson. Naturally I was running late, but I managed to catch every green light on the way to and through town. A miracle unto itself. Really. There are like nine traffic lights that can turn a ten minute jaunt into a 25 minute trek through tedious traffic trauma.

2. Then I found a non-metered spot in the notoriously parking-challenged Strip District without having to make the compulsory laps around the block waiting for Grandma Tippy Toe to slowly load her two bags of produce into the back seat of her 1950 baby-blue Buick tanker, craaaaaaawl in behind the steering wheel, breath like a thousand breaths, solicit the help of a passerby to help her turn the key in the ignition, creep out of the space at negative 10mph only to stop halfway out to retune her radio to pre-WWII and OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD JUST MOVE THAT BOAT OUT OF THE WAY ALREADY!!??!!

But like I said, that didn't happen. I pulled up, jumped out and waltzed into the diner on time.

3. After filling up on pancakes and soul-soothing, cuddly-baby goodness I got a phone call the plastic thingie that prevents the car door from flying back and severing your limb while trying to disembark when parked on a hill, was in. Woo Hoo!

4. Headed to the South Side to see Mates of States perform at an in-stuido at WYEP. Was running late for that too. Again I won the battle of excessive stop sign/doofus driver syndrome AND found a parking place in front of the station, another parking-challenged section of town.

Double Word Score!

I made it to the show with 10 minutes to spare. Long enough to keep up the Pittsburgh tradition of always talking to strangers by befriending (for the hour anyway) a lovely young woman who was also there alone.

5. I got out of the studio early enough to head to the dealer with enough time to wait for the repair and still make it home in time to greet my Friday Koffee Klatch gal pals. Again, no traffic glitch to speak of. It was as if the Traffic God Parkwayus Westeris was splitting the sea of sedans in anticipation of my arrival.

Oh and did I mention the repair was covered completely under the warranty?

Triple Word Score!

6. Had a most delightful afternoon noshing on homemade sour cherry cobbler, drinking iced coffee floats with chocolate ice cream and kibitzing with the gals on our back deck oasis under a beautiful cloudless blue sky.

7. Took a walk around the block and engaged in not one, but two wonderful conversations with a couple of my favorite neighbors.

8. Then to top it off, Geo, who has been working literally every day for the last five weeks, actually came home a little early! We fixed a couple of dandy cocktails--Bloody Marys to be exact--chilled out on our deck and actually spent a few hours catching up while soaking up the peaceful ambience of this exquisite summer evening. (Cue a couple of freaking Disney birds tying ribbon in my mop top.)

AND I didn't have to cook dinner because Geo brought home chinese food. :-)

Game. Match. And an extra 35 points for going out on a BINGO.

See what I mean? Perfect. Absolutely perfect.

I wish I could bottle yesterday and store it on a shelf so I can uncork it to shower myself with happy times when life decides it would be fun to pull my hair and kick me square in the proverbial nuts you know, for grins.

So tell me. What was your last perfect day like?

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