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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rain, Rain Go The F**K AWAY!!!
part deux
or Date Night!!!!

Day two found both Geo and I home...together... for the entire day?!?!

Let me say that again.

We were Home. Together. For an entire day.

I can count on two hands the number of Saturdays we get to be off together per year. Anywho, as the Fates would have it, I managed to score Saturday off making it a Geo-penned "Date Day". And what a swell day it was.

Generally when we have an errant 24 hour span together, we tend to get in each other's way, messing up the other's routine which at times leads to strife and major annoyance.

(Salutes "Major Annoyance")

First my ever-lovin' made a ginormous scramblet filled with all kinds of tasty goodness. This is Geo's specialty... one-pot wonders.

And... there was no fighting.

Then we headed to the Festival amid scattered showers which were not at all as monsoon-ish as the day before. We mosied from gallery to gallery, holding hands as we dodged raindrops.

I know. Uncharacteristically icky, right? But it was really romantic for us old farts.

*Gag* Spew!

Anywho, we ambled through the artsy-fartsy-craftsy booths, settling on a really cool metal mobile reminiscent of Alexander Calder for our deck and a super groovy long, narrow frame filled with brightly colored miniature ceramic bowls.

And... there was no fighting.

We escaped the Mother of all Summer deluges by dining on Mousaka, hummus and homemade wine at an amazing hole-in-the wall Greek place.

And... still there was no fighting.

By the time we hit the concert area, there was little rain to speak of. Mother Nature apparently poured everything she had into that early evening pummel. We barely needed our umbrella AND we found a small slab of concrete to set our chairs atop so we wouldn't sink down to our kneecaps in the completely saturated lawn. SWEET!!

The opener was another local band, Good Brother Earl. They're kinda Bluesy, kinda Poppy, kinda Rocky, kinda WOW... Charley. Whatever. I'm not a music critic. I'm not hip to the lingo. They're pretty good and have a decent following. Here's their current hit: Gravity

Oddball Sighting#1:

Hoola Hoop Girl giving a clinic during GBE

The crowd really got much thicker the closer it got for the headliner, Guster's performance. At first it looked like Geo and I were going to be the chaperones to all these 15-20 year olds, but then these guys showed up to rock out to GBE's cover of Led Zepplin's Good Times, Bad Times. Get the Led out, BABY!!

Toto. I don't think we're the dinosaurs anymore.

We haven't seen Guster in six years. According to the lead singer, they've been busy making babies and a record over that time. They've come a long way since opening up for Bare Naked Ladies.

The one thing I remember from that earlier concert is the drummer. He's spirited, energetic and doesn't use sticks. Really. Watch him. He bangs away at the bongos and cymbals barehanded!! It's awesome! They commanded the crowd from the first note of their opener Amsterdam.

Pure Power Pop Magic!

The concert was great! Everyone was into the moment. Even Geo was singing.

That's huge. You have no idea how huge that is.

He really enjoyed himself in spite of the crowd and the whole standing for an hour and a half. Two things he doesn't dig at all. My Geo was even prompting me to record the songs he liked. We had such a good time. Singing, be-bopping, breathing in the sweet, sweet scent of ganga..

Wait, what?!?

I know, right? And again with the no sharing. These young people are stingy. Seriously.

There must be a pact amongst the performers this year which insists everyone end with a cover. Guster chose Phil Collins' In the Air Tonight. The drummer made a rare appearance as lead vocal until the epic drum bit, of course. It brought the proverbial roof down. Sadly, I ran out of room on my camera card and didn't get to tape it to share with y'all. But trust me. It was F.U.N.!!!

So, a good Date Night was had by all. And by "all" I mean us.

And still... no fighting. Woo Hoo!!


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demoncat said...

sounds like you had a blast at the festival even with mother nature trying to unleash some wet stuff plus you and geo managed to enjoy having a rare day off with out getting on each other nerves or wanting to commit spousalcide