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Monday, July 26, 2010

My Awesome Adventures In The Steel, I Mean City
(a guest blog from a Southern visitor)

Okay, so today I give up my blog space to a new friend who visited with me for a couple of days last week. Take it away GG!

Hi, y'all! My name is Ghetto Gumby, but my friends call me GG. My Mom, the beautifully boozy and uber talented Shauna Glenn, whipped me up one night on a bender and decided to send me on a three month vacation to visit all her Internet gal pals. To be honest I think she's a little pissed at me because I drank the last of the Pinot and didn't tell her.

Sid & his luscious lips
Anywho, I spent last weekend in the lovely little Northern town of Pittsburgh with my new friend, Murray. The only thing I knew about this place is they're crazy about their football team and have a gorgeous, super talented young man named Sid leading their first-rate hockey team. Or so says Murray. Between you and me, she's a bit of a hockey freak. She gets all gushy about him and his luscious lips. It's kinda scary.

Anywho, she took me to work with her at the Special K. It was pretty cool. I got to help her switch the local news cut-in, help the weather girl, Ashley choose what maps to use and I got to hang out on the set with the news anchor, Brenda. That Brenda's a ton of fun. She fed me brownies and let me chill with her between shows.
I got to switch maps during weather!! But tell me the truth, does this fader bar make my butt look big?

Picking maps with Ashley

I got to cue the so-called "talent", but really...I'm the talented one!

Hanging on the set with my new best gal pal, Brenda. They called us Ebony and ...Paisley?

Can you tell I really, REALLY liked Brenda? Her decolletage is so warm and cozy. Wait...what? That sounds effed up, Dude! 

Then we all went out to a local diner to get breakfast and dine al fresco in the newly renovated piazza. Boy, these TV types sure do like to eat! That's pretty much all they talk about. That and drinking. They'd get along really well with Momma Glenn. Ha Ha!

sucking down some morning bubbly

After a quick run up to Mt. Washington to check out the spectacular view of the Golden Triangle, we went home to get all dolled up for my first concert ever! The uber fabulous Rhett Miller and Old 97's!!!

What a view!

KDKA-You are here 

I had no idea what to expect, but after one song I was hooked!! They are exhilarating to watch perform. Everyone was singing and dancing. What a great time! We were so close I got splattered by what Murray refers to as "Rhett Sweat". I understand now why she loves these guys. They are so sweet. Rhett and Murry said hi to us as soon as they took the stage. Here I am enjoying the music ... and the view, if you know what I mean.
"In front row at the Mr. Small's Show!!" Is there a better view? I think not!

Best of all, Rhett came out afterwards to say Howdy! I got a little snuggle. *swoon* And then he signed my heart. Hope Mom likes my new tattoo.

Grabbing a snuggle with the Lovely Blue-Eyed one

Baby's first tattoo. Way cooler than the bacon band-aid

How about those blue eyes, huh? WoooEeee! Be still my non-beating heart. So now, thanks to Murray, I'm an FOB...friend of the band.


Thanks for the great time, Murray!! You rule!! Now pass me my Jameson, Bee-yatch. ROCK 'N ROLL, BABY!!

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demoncat said...

lol love the story told by the visiting dolls point of view.