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Friday, August 27, 2010

One Quick Note From The Road
or speak up! I can't hear you over this din!

Okay, so when Geo and I drive anywhere, we tend to load up the car with our favorite snacks... chips, cookies, Jax, crackers, cheese, fruit-- Fruit?! Who the Hell put that shit in there?!?

Anywho, we've kind of developed a love affair with Sun Chips. They're so tasty and the "whole-grain goodness" lets you believe you aren't stuffing crap down your gullet when you strap on the feed bag. In an effort to be more environmentally friendly, the good folks at Frito Lay decided to make the bag compostable. It says so... in big BOLD letters...right there on the front of the bag.

What is not in big ass bold letters is that the bag is F*CKING LOUD!! Like, startlingly loud. Like make-you-drive-off-the-road loud. Like ear-piercing, blood-oozing-from-your-ears LOUD.

Listen for yourself:

We literally could not hear each other talk each time we shoved our hand in that obnoxious bag. No shit. I think I lost some hearing on our drive. 

To Frito Lay: Thanks for thinking of our planet, but ..
(opens snack bag- muffled voice)

(still with the bag and the muffled voice)

OH FORGET IT! I'm asthmatic. I don't have enough air to spare to be heard over that...

Sun Chips... Saving the Environment, killing your hearing. One bag at a time.

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