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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What I Did On My Summer Vacation - Part 1 
because there was just way too much awesome for one posting

Okay, so I have been woefully inadequate at keeping up with all the happenings this latter part of summer. I've been having such a terrific season. I don't want it to end. Ever. It's been oppressively hot and humid, but I've actually come to enjoy the ever-present moist conditions. Quite the accomplishment managing one's own personal summer along with the discomfort of the season itself. Plus, my usually lifeless, dull wavy-ish hair has decided to curl into lovely ringlets. Sweet!

The shorter days, longer shadows and cooler winds we're having this week are making me feel melancholic. I'm not ready for the Fall yet. I DON'T want to watch football! And I am NOT wearing socks, dammit!! It's only August, for Hell's sake!?! 

I propose Fall take an extended vacation for another two months, you know, until October when hockey starts. Then it can come over for dinner, we'll drink some wine, watch movies, kibitz... It'll be fun. In October.

But I digress...

My Awesome Sauce Summer Vacay started with our annual Card Club weekend trip to Mentor, Ohio on Lake Erie. Every year we pile into a couple vehicles-squeezing in amongst all the junk food and liquor boxes-and make the 2+ hour jaunt northwest to bask and bond in the bountiful sunshine. 

Even though we never play games at our monthly "meetings", we tend break out the games for vacation. This year we played Fact or Crap which we turned into a drinking game. Natch. 
Salsa and Hummus and Cheesy dip, oh my!
Um...I'll say CRAP. Definitely.

As you can see the table was covered with more snacks and spiked beverages than game pieces. 

We did the usual... drank, strapped on the feed bag, exchanged the most hideously horrifying thing found in your house disguised in a beautifully wrapped package...
Yeah. Those slippers are made from Maxi Pads. Hmmmm...pretty..icky, that is.

drove all the men mad at the beach & pool with our babe-iliciousness.. What? Shut up! It's my blog. I'll spin it however I want.
Too much brilliant Babeness for one swimming hole
Even the sun couldn't compete with our gorgeousness and decided to hide
Nice roots, Chippie.

Through a hotel SNAFU, my sister and I actually had a bedroom and real bed to sleep in this year. A ginormously comfortable first!! We always end up in the living room on the sleep sofa. We celebrated by jumping on the bed...
Not bad air for an old gal
The blood stain I left on the ceiling wasn't too noticeable. I kid. It took us a while to scrape it off. Shit! That ceiling was rough.

We tortured Di on her birthday. Every year we're away during the anniversary of her birthing. This year was the big Hawaii 5-0. We snuck a severed head in her bed, ala The Godfather. Like any true girl, the chocolate cake made up for it...along with the jello shots.

Poor Di. She's the only true lady in our group. She's elegant and graceful... and each year we hit new heights of retardedness.
Madonna stopped by to impart her well wishes

We hide severed heads, make her wear stupid things, and yet she laughs her way through it. It must be the whiskey.
Somehow this severed head has become our mascot
at least they ain't made of maxi pads
Di actually wore these stupid things without any cajoling from us. Can you believe it? I think the liquor's successfully killed the brain cells that make her give a damn. HaHa!

The rest of the time we spent hammering out our travel plans for next year's 20th anniversary vacation. Believe it or not, we've been together for 20 years... where does the time go. It's true what "they" say. Years zoom by when you're having a blast with a gaggle of crazy-assed girlfriends.

Next year we set our sites on Myrtle Beach in May. South Carolina. You've been warned.

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