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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What I Did The Week After My Summer Vacation
or girls' Rhettventure in New York

(I promise this is the last for awhile...okay a couple weeks.
Warning: this is one big-ass post. Sorry. Clearly I don't know when to shut the hell up)

Okay, so I'm skipping over the last tale of my summer vacation for now (which involves hitting a van of Chinamen among other things--but that's a story for another day) because I purposely wanted to bore the shit out of my two readers with my obsession. Ha Ha!

But seriously, I gotta tell you about our little gals' night out in the Big Apple before I forget because, you know, I'm aged.

As I've said in the past, between the Old 97's forum and Twitter, I've gotten to be friends (virtual and real life) with a number of lovely people. A month or so ago, a plan was hatched among three of my Twitter friends (Cindy, Lori and Stephanie) and I to travel to New York City on a sort of "Tweet up" to see, guess who... Rhett Miller sing at the City Winery.

I know. You're shocked, right?

Anywho, Cindy and I have known each other a while now, but I had never met Lori or Steph in person. We all have this love of all-things-Rhett/Old 97's so how bad could it be, right? Well, it was splendid. We descended upon NYC from four different points in the country for what we came to dub Rhettventure 2010. Geo even made up t-shirts for us.
another example of the awesomeness that is Geo

We ended up arriving at different times, but each arrival was met with an icy cold cocktail of welcome starting with me and Cindy...
nothing like a spicy bloody mary at 11am to start the day off right

then Steph...
it's tonic time!!

then Lori... Wait. Where's the obligatory shot shot with Lori? Apparently I was a little inebriated and neglected my duty. (I said doo-tee. hee hee)

Anywho, Cindy had to attend some work-related meetings so the three of us got to know each other a bit better as we poodled around SoHo and Chinatown. Which, by the way reaked of garbage and rotting fish. Mmmmm... Welcome to New York, Lori! That reminds me of a joke that ends with a blind guy walking past a fish market saying "Evenin' Ladies".

Anywho, before you know it, it was time to get all gussied up and head to the Winery a convenient one block away. (The Four Points Sheraton in SoHo is a terrific hotel! Amazingly helpful staff, clean rooms, free wifi. I highly recommend.)

Walking back into the Winery a week after Geo and I were there was like walking into a friend's party. Our pals George and Maria, Tracy and Joslyn were all there. Plus the guy at our table sat with us the week before. I felt a little like the mayor of City Winery. Ha Ha!
Cheers! (cindy, step, me, lori)
We ordered our respective libation and flat breads and settled in for the evening's entertainment. The opening act this week was none other than Paul Simon's son, Harper. He looks like a chubby version of his Dad and sounds eerily like his old man.

Rhett was in a particularly jovial mood. His wife Erica and a group of their friends were at the show that Thursday as well as notable columnist and author, Ben Greenman. Ben had given Rhett an advanced copy of his upcoming book, Celebrity Chekov which he decided to share with the audience via dramatic readings. It was hilarious. Here's the first of four or five with a Point Shirley chaser (just for you Geo)...

Tiger Woods Celebrity Chekov and a new song from the upcoming Old 97's CD (A State of Texas)

He played a couple of other new songs including the title track to The Grand Theatre

From the sound of all the new tracks he's been playing at shows, this new CD is going to be killer! I can't wait to hear it come October. Pre-order your copy now!

Then Tracy Bonham joined him on stage for three songs including this very spirited version of 4 Leaf Clover recorded by Lori.

I'm not familiar with her music, but they sang well together. And boy, can she shred that fiddle!!

Okay, I have to post this one. It's the last of Celebrity Chekov followed by a song he only sings when his beautiful wife is in attendance. Did I mention we met his wife, Erica? She's long and lithe (still thin as a rail after having two kids. I kinda hate her a little for that. So not fair.) and perfectly lovely.

She seemed like she was having a grand ole time. I doubt she was upset her charming hubby duffed the lyric a little.

As always, there are more videos from the evening here and here and my entire channel here. Help yourself.

We caught up with him afterwards to say hi, have him sign some things and give him an early 40th birthday present for which we all pitched in.
a present? for me? what on earth could it be?

A signed galley of his favorite book, Infinite Jest. You know you've hit a hole in one when the giftee utters this phrase:

"You are fucking kidding me!?!?"


Thanks girls for making that happen. I think he liked it. Read it in good health, my friend! Salut!
me, ruining his handsome visage

cindy, lori, the lovely blue-eyed one, steph, me

After jumping in front of the Winery-you knew I had too-
jump, white girl. JUMP!
we gals ended up at a super crowded, hipster doofus, youngster roof-top bar, The Brass Monkey for one drink before hitting up a dive local bar on the way back to the hotel. We soundly hit the sheets around 3am. 
jammed in at the Brass Monkey-the sky is up there somewhere

The next day was filled with breakfast at a little bistro, Sullivan that Cindy found via her grooviest of groovy yelp iPhone AP...
all fed, watered and happy
our torrid four-way love affair with bacon continues

walked around Union Market...
wine tasting at the market because, you know, why not

had a psychic reading then went to Ground Zero and the Financial district... 

shore side of the financial district

um...honey. I forgot to tell you I kinda bought these

the statue of liberty from shore of financial district

And even got assaulted by some signage on the subway before taking our respective modes of transportation home...
dude. perhaps you should have chosen a different seat

this means you, stinky pierre
New York... I love your crazy-ass, ornery spirit!! Don't EVER change!

Adios Nueva York!

Oh..Oh! I almost forgot. While walking through the construction around Ground Zero, I smiled at a rather handsome, distinguished older foreman. As we rounded the bend, Steph told me the dude was totally checking me out as we walked by. Oh yeah! You know you're a woman of a "certain age" when you aren't completely weirded out by an older guy watching you walk away. In fact it's appreciated. Ha Ha! Thanks, buddy! 

It was whirlwind 36 hours that was a blur and a blast. Thanks girls for making it all happen. Here's hoping we can figure out a place to go for Rhettventure 2011.

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Four Leaf Clover said...

I had so much fun girls.. When is the next RhettVenture with all of us? You know I am game to go anywhere..