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Saturday, November 20, 2010

In Which I Share Some Very Early Holiday Cheer

Okay, so there's this Austin band, Quiet Company, who I really like. They sing very feel-good pop music with a slightly blue lyrical bent. They're extremely personable and seem to sincerely enjoy connecting with their fans. They go so far as to invite them on stage for the final numbers of each show. I haven't seen them, but have been told as much.

Anywho, they've recorded an EP comprised of Christmas songs. Somebody, I'm assuming one of their fan-faithful, created a video of Santa images. Some of them will warm your cockles (nobody likes cold cockles), some will make you go Wha?!? and some will disturb the bejesus out of you. Innocent 50s era my ass.

Hope it brings you a chuckle before the crushing hammer of Christmas madness beats your soul to a bloody, miserable, whimpering pulp.

 Merry freaking Christmas, Mo Fos.

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