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Monday, February 7, 2011

Pittsburgh Native and Green Bay coach Mike McCarthy
getting a well-deserved Gatorade dump.
Bravo, Mike!


No Trophy For You. One Year.

F**cking Football Nazi.

Okay, so the Steelers shot themselves in the foot with turnovers, penalties and a flat defensive performance leaving the door wide open for Green Bay to hoist the Lombardi metal. It was a real nailbiter in the second half. We came close, but no cigar.

Kudos to the Pack for wanting it more and outperforming the Black and Gold. A big congratulations goes out to the folks of Wisconsin. You've waited a very long time for this victory. Enjoy your time in the sun. Take it from us, it is AWESOME!

We here in the Burgh, although bruised a bit can still take pride in the accomplishment of one of our own. GB coach, Mike McCarthy hails from the charming little hamlet of Greenfield located within the city limits. Story has it, the night before the game he did something rather unorthodox to inspire his team to give it their all. He fitted each player for his Super Bowl bling. And what an inspiration it was.

So in the spirit of good sportsmanship, congratulations Green Bay. Well done. Well done indeed.

Yes it stings, but we'll get over it.

Aaaaaaaaand over it now. Let's go Pens!!

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