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Monday, February 14, 2011

What the?!???!?
or what do you do when a reporter start speaking in tongues LIVE

Okay, last night was the CBS broadcast of the Grammy Awards. Afterwards on the local LA news, the anchors set up the normal recap of the show by tossing to their reporter in the field, Serene Branson. This is all standard industry issue. Toss to blond correspondent who tosses to a precut package of highlights...of the awards program, not her hair.

Eminem only winning two Grammy's wasn't the only shocker when Tom Tucker and Diane pitched it to Serene...

I repeat: What the???!??

Play that again. Go ahead. Try to make out any actual words from that crazy scat. I double dog dare you. You can't make this shit up. I think she's channeling some dementia-riddled demon.

Now before you go getting all upset that I'm laughing at a poor woman on the verge of a stroke, let me assure you she was taken to the hospital and received a clean bill of health. So...go ahead. It's okay to point and poke fun at the "very heavy, heavy blurtation".

Drunk, Ruffied or just a major meltdown. You decide. All's I know is this is why I am NOT on the air. Well, that and my total lack of talent or appeal.

To balance out the zany Grammy Yin of Serene and her inner demon, it seems fitting on Valentine's Day to share a video of pure goofy Grammy Yang, featuring one Cee Lo Green dressed as a dazzling NBC peacock, singing my favorite, crank-it-to-eleven anti-Valentine Day tune, F**K You.

Excuse me, Forget You. Not unlike those shoes. Gwyneth. WTF. Those shoes have got to go, Girlfriend!

I really love his ass right now.

Thanks once again to Jimmy McParkway for finding that first gem.
Happy VD, y'all!

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