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Friday, November 11, 2011

And On A Lighter Note...
or the implosion of a presidential hopeful

Okay, so first of all today is November 11, 2011. In short form that's 11-11-11.


Coolness, right? This configuration only comes around once a century, so you'd expect something big to happen, right? Well, maybe we can all just make a wish that all the crazy, crappy, hot mess around us will magically clean itself up. Nice thought. Good luck with that. As it stands, TONS of people are marking this historical moment by getting themselves hitched. Their own version of wishing for a happy ending.

Anywho, our dear, dear cross-Commonwealth friend, Beeeeeeal is one of those folks who sees the 11:11 configuration often in his daily life's path. Today is the mother load of 11s for him. His Mecca, if you will. We couldn't swing a meet-up for this momentous occasion, but hopefully he's got something special cooked up. Hopefully it's not one of those weirdo happenings where the most devoted of devotees ascends to a higher plane, because we'd really miss him down here in the trenches.

He doesn't read this, but hey, HAPPY 11-11-11 Buddy!! Go forth and do whatev makes you happiest.


The lighter note for the end of this heavy, heavy week comes in the form of one bumbling, execution-happy presidential hopeful who by all accounts self-destructed at the last debate. Of course, that's not to say he won't rise above and actually be elected since we've somehow been transported to, you know, Bizarro World.


In case you missed it because like me, you can't stomach watching these Republicans debate about how much they would love to kill the infirm, education funding and basically the entire middle class, here's his stellar performance:

Funny enough, but wait... Here comes Jon Stewart and his magnificent band of merry pranksters. Enjoy the brilliance that is smart, edgy humor skewering those who think too highly of themselves.

Happy 11-11-11, y'all. Happy Veteran's Day to all the brave service men and women who risks their lives everyday so buffoons like those in the above video can spew their rhetoric without fear of corporal punishment. And Happy three-day weekend to all toiling in traditional work environments.

A big bear hug of thanks to you, Jon Stewart for making me belly-laugh again after an unbearable week. Enjoy!

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