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Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Video(s) Returns!!

Okay, so my favorite thing to come out of the interwebs this entire week is a screaming goats mash up of popular songs.

What the hell is a screaming goat mash up, you say? Let me start from the beginning.

First there was this hilarious compilation video of goats screaming... like humans.

I. Am. Crying!!

Being an urbanite, I had no idea goats screamed like that. My friend who lived several years in an English village has confirmed that yes, goats scream like freaking humans much to the horror of her offspring. But holy crap! Comedy gold right there.

Naturally, this led to a pile of videos in which snippets of the aforementioned goats are inserted into popular songs at the opportune moment, hence the "mash up".  The best by far, in my humble opinion is the Bon Jovi classic, Living on a Prayer.

Again. Crying!

There are a ton more on YouTube. Here's just one site featuring a selection. The fact that the goat's tongues are wagging with every utterance, kills me. Never gonna tire of this one. It totally speaks to my inner 10 year-old boy sense of humor. Seriously, this is my favorite item from the last seven days.

Okay, well maybe it's a tie with this.

Call me Munchma.

These names are going on our list beside Dick Fitzwell, Erin McCooter and Craven Moorehead. Don't know what's funnier, the names, or Colbert completely losing it. This is the shit for which the interwebs were made, yo.

God bless your pointy little heads.

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