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Sunday, June 23, 2013

In Which Even Happy Firsts Are A Little Rattling

In Which Even Happy Firsts Are A Little Rattling

Okay, so last night the first of our friends' children was wed, hitched, and jumped the broom into holy matrimony. I'm risking the wrath of cliche haters here, but it must be said. Where the hell did the time go?!?? I swear to God he was only born a minute ago!! He just started walking, for Pete's sake! How can he possibly be married??!?

floating on bubbles
far less stinging than pelted rice

Vince is 22 years old, a mere child. So young and fresh-faced, his brother two years his junior looks older than he. I'm not even exaggerating. He barely looks old enough to work legally outside of the child labor laws, let alone enter into a lifetime commitment to another human. The truth is he maybe green in number, but he is definitely old of soul. He is an earnest, sincere and gentle spirit.

the rodgers guys
vince's brother, Nick; grandpa Charlie; Marty (father); Vince
also, Marty doesn't look old enough to have a 22 year old
Ever since Vince was a teenager, he has wanted nothing else but to be married and share his life with the girl of his dreams who would fill in his outline. Michelle does just that. Seeing him standing at the altar, his slight frame swimming in his tux, looking at once stunned, nervous and exhilarated, hearing him choke up a little during his vows... my heart swelled for him. So innocent, hopeful and full of life's promise. Standing before his radiant bride, the world and all its ills melted away, rendered insignificant, trumped by the all-consuming power of burgeoning love.

Geo and I held hands, as we instinctively do at weddings, reminded of the greatest of life's gifts, loving another. Hearts and souls entwined as tightly as the fingers on our clasped hands.

first dance under the disco ball

The reception was a fun affair at the local Elks Club. I love these kinds of receptions. Comfortable, casual, no pretensions and no primer necessary to explain copious forks and spoons at place settings. The food was simple and delicious with a cash bar and dude... a variety of cupcakes instead of vanilla frou frou cake that tastes like lard and lost hope left unfinished on the plate. Once the DJ started the jamz kicking, the dance floor was packed with white folk bustin' out awkward, Caucasian moves. Elaine Benes made an appearance more than once, no doubt painfully recorded for an eternity of unending humiliation. Whatever. A fun time was had by all.

Funny note: We sat next to two tables full of Vince and Michelle's friends. My long-time college friend Dennis, nudged me to point out WE used to be that table of rambunctious youngsters at each others weddings. It's so strange to realize that we're the occupants of the "adult/parents" table now. Which is completely ridiculous, and in direct contrast to the infantile shenanigans perpetrated at any given moment. Not to mention, in our heads we're only, what... 30-35 tops, right?

dancing queens
rockin' the casbah, aka Elks

the groom, realizing he's married

three decades of friendship
Mom of the groom, Cathy (in the b/w) still looks 30
completely unfair

Adult table... Pfffft!! (She says while ingesting a fistful of pain relievers to quiet the pains in her back and feet from dancing in heels. HEELS, PEOPLE!! And I kept them on ALL FRIGGIN' NIGHT! Outrageous! If that's not proof of how dear this kid is, well, then you can kiss my aching asp.)

But I digress...

Surrounded by family and friends, this was the perfect celebration to send these two sweet, kids off into the world, armed with the belief they are invincible and together they can conquer anything life throws at them. They have the world by the short hairs. These two are so crazy about each other, it's heartwarming. And a wee bit sickening. Ha Ha! Seriously, their unbridled optimism is a reminder to all of us of the one thing that makes living on this wildly spinning, blue planet worthwhile. Love.

the happy couple, radiating
seriously, babies

During their ceremony, the lovely blue-eyed one's sweetly sentimental Picture This came to mind.

Picture this
many years from now, me and you, you and me
and our two little children
waking up with the sun in the morning
waking up with the sun in the morning


living together happily
and never a dull moment

you'll find me amidst the joy and confusion
the kids will climb up our legs as we're kissing
you catch my eye and you register the moment
I'm tired but I'm not too tired for you

That last line gets me every damn time. The lyrics are custom made for newlyweds and seasoned newlyweds. This song is destined to be a reception staple. Or it should be anyway if I have any say in the matter.

A big bear hug of congratulations to Vince and Michelle. May your life be filled with joy, laughter, adventure, understanding, teamwork, abundant love, and may you never ever be too tired for each other.

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