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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Snatching Victory From The Arms Of The Big Red Bear

this magnificent memes happened within seconds of the game's end


USA played against Russia's big red machine this morning in Sochi. Sweet Baby Jesus, what a game! Hard-hitting, back and forth scoring, the Russian go-ahead goal late in the third period disallowed, a manic over time and a CRAZY EXCITING eight-minute shoot out that finally put 'Merica on top, on the back of baby-faced T.J. Oshie from the St. Louis Blues.

Holy HELL!!

he's a rosy-cheeked baby!
(photo by scott rovak-usa today)

No fights, but lots of intense play. Unlike NHL hockey in which a different teammate takes a turn in the shoot out, no matter how long that shoot out might be, Olympic rules state after the first three rounds, there is no restriction on who takes a shot.

all of Oshie's shoot out goals in one

Oshie was up first and was the only USA player to score. Ergo, when the shoot out kept trailing on, Dan Bylsma sent the youngster back again and again and again... tying it up twice before finally scoring the winning shoot out goal in the eighth round thanks to a magnificent save by our goalie, Jonathan Quick.


and Whew!!

goalie of the hour, Quick

(photo by scott rovak-usa today)

Those two are my new favorites. I need an interchangeable jersey with both their names on it.

It was so freaking exciting, I had to stand for the last 15 minutes! I don't know, man. If every match is going to be this intense a nail biter, I'm going to lose my shit. Not to mention have a heart attack.

GodDAMN, I fucking love hockey!


You can read official blurbs here and here and here.


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