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Friday, May 29, 2015

Super Sized Shaky Knees Festival Roundup Part Two: More Pics, Less Wordiness

photo courtesy of an official kick-ass photographer of the Shaky Knees Festival 

Oh, like you're surprised I used this magnificent image of my fantasy husband defying gravity while executing a textbook rock jump at the end of the Old 97's set as my header pic. Please. Have we not met??!?

Okay, so as penned in the prior post, I'd like to share some (a lot) photos and comments from our most excellent festival weekend.

First off, my woefully inept sense of direction lead us four miles out of the way, and that was WITH the aide of google maps. But then again, if I had not been such a giant asshat, we wouldn't have gone through this snappy neighborhood.

stylin' kicks to go with...

stylin' threads

victim of spontaneous combustion
or midday alien abduction

Still...God bless UBER! Our salvation came in the form of a decked-out, black Camry with the air on full force. Aaaaaaaaaa...melting postponed, for 15 minutes anyway.

Quick note: The world is a small place, my friend. After posting a couple tweets about the festival, one of my imaginary Old 97's friends from Chicago, Suzanne tweeted she was their, too. Standing against the fencing waiting for the Pixies to begin, a lovely, dark-haired girl turned to face me. It was Suzanne! Tens of thousands of people, and she was standing right in front of me? How is that even possible?!?

Suzanne, Julie and Jamie
the sisterhood of the traveling 97's fans
She, Jamie and Julie are great, kind and fun people. We ended up spending most of Sunday together, followed by a most entertaining dinner al fresco with our mutual friend, Murry and our delightfully goofy waiter, Tim. The conversation was hilarious, culminating in all of us, including Tim, jamming into the restroom to ogle the soap dong.


that's young tim in the front
that's the soap dong on the left
Yeah. The soap is this long, tubular bar on a rusty ole metal rod, forcing you to make a lewd gesture to get the post-shitz off your hands.

So many questions.

Starting and ending with WHY?? There's one in the ladies room as well, along with a mirror covering the entire wall opposite the toilet. Like I need to sit there and watch myself answer nature's call. Again...Why? Why? That's messed up, Atlanta.

thanks ladies and gent for a fabulous finish to our adventure
 Okay, to the onslaught of images...

SXSW Jr starts with bloody marys

zues getting... friendly

young moses is pleased 

you can never be too careful

port-o-pottys from heaven


young people are adorbs... and baffling

our shade compadre, kurt from germany

and suddenly we're in Don Draper's world

yeah, i don't know

the ridiculously long food truck line proved too
great for this man 

day one

put your hands in the air like you just don't care

cheeky elvis

mary ann as the meat in the VIP dead guy sammie

On today's episode of Jesus Recommends: Social Distortion gets the Holy High Five.

day two forecast:
extra fragrant with a chance of passed out youth

hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

shirtless santa
oh my...

thank the little baby jesus for cloud coverage

mother mary groovin' to the beats in Barney headwear

frank turner checking out the bronx
best dimples around

judgy bastards

he seems nice

we must have taken a wrong turn in Albuquerque
nope. that's about right

the main stage area

Ponce and Boulevard stages
apparitions of wilco

**warning: a ridiculous amount of Old 97's photos are about to fly at yo face
***i can't quit them
****i'm not sorry

THIS is how you start a concert!
The question remains, how in the hell does Rhett not bruise his brain?

All that beautiful hair swinging to and fro...


my favorite front line


he has as much fun as us
courtesy of shaky knees

seriously, these guys are my church
how appropriate they played on a sunday

that hair...
courtesy gingersnapped
Nikki Lane and her short shorts help out in the rollicking 4 Leaf Clover.

I've seen a number of ladies join in on this song. One of these days ONE of them will actually match the head banging intensity set forth by Mr. Miller.

i love them so hard

nikki lane featuring her shorty shorts
they make me nervous
the shorts, not her

waiting for frank turner in Hell
(the masquerade)

frank turner at masquerade

frank turner surfing at the masquerade
photo courtesy of a professional
Man, these people LOVE him!

Recovery. My favorite. How great is it to hear a packed house sing your words back to you? Pretty damn great!

festival frank
frank turner doing his thing
i'm still a little bitter about missing this AGAIN
photo courtesy of shaky knees

One more, because it's fun to watch all that punk energy. And he cusses. :)

jukebox the ghost

They are a fun trio. Great way to start a three-day festival.

the kooks
one of my favorite bands from the UK or anywhere

foggy kooks

Doo Doo.. Doo... Doo Doo.. Doo

kaiser chiefs
kaiser chiefs

The Dude has got the MOVES!!

large party marker
clearly they are festival veterans

One of the new finds for us was Real Estate. They sound a bit like Death Cab For Cutie. We really enjoyed them.

the pixies black francis

crowd surfing at the pixies

One of the three songs I like, Wave of Mutilation.

 muppet boner

the strokes

Another new band for me. I learned I can't resist a mariachi band. No better way to shake off the hangover than this kind of polka.

ryan adams

our view for Dr. Dog
laying in the shade with a cocktail...
a bit of heaven

And lastly, few bands crush it like the Avett Brothers. This setting is a perfect fit for them.

all festivals begin and end with bloody marys

Many thanks to Mary Ann for reprising her Betty to my Wilma. I think we both needed the release that only music festivals with great bands and great friends can provide. Until next time...

a little love in my cup
i love you, too shaky knees
well done!

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