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Friday, October 31, 2008

Now Hear List #1
because I really dig lists (see blog post #1)

So Geo and I have this little game we play. It involves cool whip and rubber glov--hey, hey, HEY! Stop it. Stop it. That's a whole different kinda list. Pervert.

Anyway, we like to  make up punk band names from ordinary signage, phrases, utterings from strangers, events whatever. For example, we walked into a local Indian restaurant for lunch once and there was this overwhelming scent of  Vindaloo vapors. We both exclaimed what a great name for a band: Vindaloo Vapors!  Can't you just hear it..."Ladies and Gentlemen, please put your hand together for Vindaloo VAPORS!!!!"  So here goes...

Punk Band Names:
Vindaloo Vapors
Autumn Squirrel Frenzy
IRS (Itchy Red Snapper)
Electric Closet
The Network Time Killers
Zovarax Down the Shute 
(Geo wrote that exact note to himself as a reminder to retrieve the tube of zovarax which accidentally feel down the laundry shute. And, no I'm not explaining what that's for.) 

Now it's your turn. Got a great name for a punk band? Post it in the comments and I'll compile a list on the sidebar for all to enjoy. Thanks for playing.

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