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Friday, November 21, 2008

Now Here List #2
in which I continue the juvenile theme of the week

Upon review, this week's postings have had a decidedly juvenile bent, what with all the Betty-scaping and Star Trek tooting (Come have to admit that was Hi-Larious!). I could try to wrap up the week on a more sophisticated, cultured note...but, you know, what's the point.

Having had so much fun thinking of euphemisms for girlie junk, I ask you my reader(s) to share your favorite terms for female and male naughty bits.

Let's review this week's contribution for the lady bidnez:
luscious under bottom area
ham wallet
and the lastest fav at work, squish mitten

Some favs for the lads loins:
dingly dangs
trouser snake
and new favorite, pork steeple

Note: I've finally figured out which settings to change so anyone can comment. Woo Hoo!! So have at it. My apologies to anyone who was refused access before. I'm such a computer dinosaur. It takes a while for my short, T-Rex dino arms to reach the keyboard without hitting my big ole, bulbous head on the cabinet. Grrrrrr

(P.S.: Feel free to list any clever Punk Rock band names here as well, since I effed up and some of you couldn't contribute on the original posting.)

(Completely unrelated PPS: my fantasy husband, Rhett is playing TWICE this weekend in Dallas!? He's always in Dallas. And yet I can't get our friend MJ to go see him. She lives in the Miller Mecca for God's sake! That just ain't right.)

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