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Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Photo #12 
or is there something going on this weekend? 

Unless you've been in a coma the last two weeks, you know this Sunday is the Super Bowl. The battle this year is between the Arizona Cardinals and ...ta da!  The mighty Pittsburgh Steelers!!! 

Since the closing of the mills in the 70s, Pittsburghers have been forced to move near and far for work. The distance from their beloved city has only strengthened their resolve to maintain their loyalty to the Steelers and all things Pittsburgh. Thus creating what is known as a Steelers Nation. You can find Steelers fans EVERYWHERE... vocal, adamant Steelers fans proudly wearing their black and gold in designated Steelers Bars run by ex-pats of course. My sister found such a bar (owned by a Burgher) while traveling through Alaska last year. 

This photo (shot in Afghanistan) was taken by Bobby McGrath, an instructional designer at the Naval War College in Rhode Island. The pilots are out of the North Carolina air force base named... wait for it... 

Seymour Johnson.    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha (sorry.. that makes the 12-year-old in me laugh)
Let's just hope the Steelers can clip the Cardinals wings, because if the black and gold would lose to a stinking red bird... 

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