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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Run Forest, RUN!! 
or get that boy some oxygen, baby!

Okay, so tonight is the much ballyhooed Super Bowl XIII. Our Steelers started the game like a tinderbox en fuego, scoring 10 points. Then there was a little mishap and Arizona scored. But then there was an incredible interception in the final seconds of the half by none other than the much underrated James Harrison. Instead of an easy one yard pass for a Cardinals TD, Harrison picked off the ball on the GOAL line and ran it 100 yards for a Steelers TD. 100 yards!?! from a guy who barely runs... needless to say, he was puffin' like a steam engine when he collapsed in the end zone.

I think this photo says it all..

I don't know how this match up will end, but as of now this dude is totally my MVP. Not bad for a guy nobody wanted in the draft. Forest...this Bud's for you, Baby!!

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